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Dreamcatchers Workshop

Join us for a beautiful afternoon sharing creativity, learning ancient wisdom and connecting with our earth. Learn to weave a beautiful sacred object of your own creation! Harmony will guide you on a informative hands-on journey in the art and lore of the dreamcatcher. 

Dreamcatchers Workshop

Tuesday, August 15, 2017
with Harmony Pillon

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Utilizing traditional techniques, as well as contemporary artistic adaptations that incorporate wildcrafted, found, repurposed and collected materials, you will create your own one-of-a-kind work of art and sacred object.

The workshop will begin with a welcome circle to gather inspiration and hold space for our collective creative energies. While weaving, we will discuss and honour the legends and tradition of this craft, as well as the spiritual significance. We will close the workshop by smudging our dream catchers and giving thanks. 

All supplies to make your dreamcatchers are provided for during the workshop. You may also wish to bring any personal treasures, beads, trinkets, etc that they may wish to incorporate into their dreamcatcher or share with others.

about your instructor

Harmony Pillon is an artist, educator, farmer, and budding herbalist. An Ontario native, she grew up in the Great Lakes Region, and spent her formative years forest exploring, practicing primitive skills, and making art. A deep connection to her creative power was fostered as a child and continued to evolve as an amazing channel of communication with the earth. Beginning her formal studies in fine arts, education and environmental studies, her path into farming, herb growing and herbalism blossomed after her creative focus became earth consciousness, community awareness and sustainable education. She seeks to live a nourishing, connected lifestyle in balance with the earth and its cycles.