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Medicine Making Intensive

Gather fresh herbs and learn the art of making potent herbal medicines in this hands-on intensive at the herb farm. Students participate hands on in harvesting, processing, and drying medicinal herbs and preparing decoctions and infusions, fresh and dry plant tinctures, infused oils, and salves.

Medicine Making Intensive

Saturdays, May 5th & 12th 2018
with Jessy Delleman
Location: Fireweed Farm

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Class description

During this popular two-day workshop beginner and intermediate students will learn how to make high-quality herbal teas, tinctures, infused oils and salves using effective and repeatable methods. The workshop includes a plant walk in the herb gardens at Fireweed Farm where students will learn materia medica and plant id for a variety of medicinal herbs.

Students will experience hands on techniques in medicine making and plant harvesting. You will take away from this course first hand experience of gathering plants from the farm, how and when to harvest different herbs, how to process and dry them, and make them in to a variety of highly potent and effective medicinal herbal preparations.

Students will gain confidence in basic medicine making skills and learn standardized methods by using weight to volume ratios and measuring by parts. Students take home all medicines made in class including a fresh plant tincture made with a herb of their choice, an infused oil, and a salve. 

Part 2 Infused Oils & Salves
During day 2 of the workshop we will cover: 
Herb drying and storage
Natural preservatives
Intermediate extraction
Oil infusion methods
Herbal salve making
Materia medica for all herbs used in workshop

Your will participate hands on in:
Fresh herb harvesting
Herb processing and drying
Herbal medicine making: infused oil methods, intermediate extraction, herbal salves.

Part 1 Teas & Tinctures
During day 1 of the workshop we will cover:
Herb harvesting
Hot & Cold Infusions, decoction
Choosing your menstruum: alcohol, vinegar, glycerin
Fresh plant tinctures
Dry plant tinctures
Materia medica for all herbs used in workshop

You will participate hands on in:
Fresh herb harvesting
Herb processing and drying
Herbal medicine making:
fresh plant and dry plant tinctures

The workshop was great for both newcomers to herbs and to seasoned medicine-makers. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, with plenty of room for questions and various comfort levels. I loved that all of the medicine-making was hands-on, from harvest to final product. I was so proud of the tincture that I went home with because I had helped with the entire process from start to finish. It was a wonderful way to foster an in depth understanding of how everyday plants become powerful medicine.
— A.E.