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7159 Wallace Drive
Brentwood Bay, BC, V8M 1G9

Welcome to Fireweed Farm & School! We grow rare and hard to find organic medicinal herb plants and seeds, craft high quality herbal products, and provide education on herbal medicine, wildcrafting, herb growing, and nature-based arts. Fireweed is located on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula near Victoria BC on Southern Vancouver Island.




Join herbalist, herb-grower, wild-crafter, and medicine-maker Jessy Delleman for this comprehensive foundational year in herbal studies at the herb farm. 

Registration for the 2019 Herbal Apprenticeship will open this October. *Please note, the program will not be offered the following year in 2020. Jessy will be taking a break to focus on writing and research and spending more time studying one on one with the plants. 

The Apprenticeship Program is held on every second Monday 9am-4pm from mid-March to mid-November for a total of 17 classes. Tuition for the program is $2250 and includes all course books, herbs, and medicine making supplies. Classes take place at Fireweed Farm in Brentwood Bay BC. Seats are limited to 15 students each year.

More logistical program info can be found in the Course Details PDF.

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program description 

This unique herbal studies program focuses on producing plant medicines from start to finish: from seed to plant to finished herbal product. We will be working hands-on on the farm growing herbs, harvesting, and processing plants to make high-quality fresh and dry plant medicines. Throughout the course students will have the opportunity to build their own home apothecary of tinctures, teas, oils, creams, salves, and other herbal products created in class. They will also have the opportunity to propagate herb plants from which to build their own medicinal herb gardens. 

During the program students will take the first steps toward becoming herbal healers for themselves, their family, friends, community, and the Earth. They will learn how common pathologies can be successfully treated with local plant medicines through physical, emotional and spiritual pathways. Students will learn the basics of matching plants to people by formulating plant medicines based on the holistic evaluation of the constitutions of both plants and people.

A diverse Materia Medica will be covered for the local medicinal plants we will meet in person growing at the farm and in the wild. We will spend time in direct communion with a small handful of these plants, getting to know them deeply through plant spirit work. The plants will become our lifelong friends and herb allies to guide us on our healing paths. 

Students will learn in the field and hands-on every class. Course material includes the following.

Anatomy & Physiology
Learn the basics of holistic anatomy and physiology. Body systems taught include digestive system, skin, respiratory system, immune system, etc. The body systems are taught with focus on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit as a whole connected organism.

Learn about a variety of aliments which may affect each body system. We will discuss various diseases and disorders, and learn how they can be remedied with herbs. Topics include eczema and psoriasis, urinary tract infections, painful menstruation and pms, colds and flus, digestive disorders, bacterial infections, etc.

Materia Medica
Learn to identify and use medicinal plants found in our local ecosystem. Native medicinals taught include Sword Fern, Black Cottonwood, Elder, Nettle, Cleavers, Mahonia, Western Red Cedar, Lomatium, Grindelia, Sagewort, Ambrosia, and many more. Garden medicinals include Echinacea, Elecampane, Passiflora, Wood Betony, Vervain, Skullcap, Licorice, Wormwood, Mugwort, Calendula, Arnica, and many more.

Basic & Advanced Medicine Making
Learn how to make high-quality medicine out of plants you have grown and harvested including infused oils, salves, tinctures, and teas. Learn more advanced methods of making high-quality herbal products including liniments, tincturing by percolation method, and infused honeys.

Learn methods and techniques on how to combine herbs in formula to create effective remedies for the treatment of common pathologies. Case studies will be practiced during class so that students can gain experience in formulation.

Constitutional Theory
We will discuss the basics of constitutional theory based on the Ayurvedic Tri-Dosha system. We will discuss how this system can be integrated into a holistic practice of herbal medicine.  Plant energetics will be discussed.

We will have many small field trips to the forest, field, and beach to learn about ethically harvesting herbs in the wild. Build confidence and practical skills in identify, harvesting and medicine-making out of local native plants.

Herb Growing
Integrated hands-on learning at the herb farm will take place throughout the course. Gain confidence in propagation, planting, harvesting, and seed-saving for a diversity of medicinal herbs that can be grown in our local climate.

Plant Spirit Medicine
Explore the world of plant spirit medicine, though plant sits and group sharing. Learn how to open to the wisdom of the plants, and gain allies through direct communion with plants. 

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This course is essential to anyone looking to enrich their lives through experiential knowledge-based learning. From growing plants, to wildcrafting; medicine making to astrology; body systems to plant walks….It is honestly impossible to put into words all of the special qualities of this program… It’s unique, and the thing about being unique is that there is nothing else to compare it to -one of a kind; rare. Jessy is fostering something extremely special with her school, farm, workshops, and everything in between… doing so with complete reverence for the earth. Not only is she herself a wealth of knowledge, but the space given for direct plant perception and communion allows for a very special type of learning, one of individual proportion. Most notably, is the lovely way this apprenticeship intrinsically creates a safe and open environment for everyone to share. Together as a class, we hold a beautiful space that enhances that heart-centred vibration we are each looking to re-kindle at our core.
— Harmony, program student
I recently read a post somewhere describing herbalism as a form of activism and, having nearly finished Fireweed Farm and School’s nine month-long Herbalism Apprenticeship Program, I couldn’t agree more. The program has helped me cultivate a deeper and far more meaningful relationship with plants than I ever could have gained simply by reading reference books, with the relationships and first-hand knowledge I’ve acquired spurring a meaningful change in my own personal life. The time I’ve spent with Jessy learning about plants – how they grow, how they heal, and the powerful part they can play in enriching our lives – has been transformative. For me, Jessy’s Herbal Apprenticeship Program has served as a form of activism in the very fact of empowering me to take an active role in my own health and that of my community. Herbalism is often called “the peoples’ medicine,” and I believe Jessy’s Herbal Apprenticeship Program offers students an invaluable link between knowing this, and experiencing it firsthand. (The only drawback is that I’ll never be able to go outside again without curiously wondering about every single plant I don’t recognize.)
— Megan, program student
This program offers a hands-on curriculum which includes wildcrafting, medicine making, an introduction to plant spirit medicine and a broad range of information on materia medica, particularly focusing on our local native plants. The course is set up perfectly from spring seeding to fall harvest and everything in between; structured yet held in a casual and friendly atmosphere, with room for class discussion and group learning. I now feel comfortable making a wide range of herbal medicines... My family and friends are benefitting from my knowledge and I have even managed (under Jessy’s direction) to prevent the use of antibiotics with my son, which was a huge milestone for me. I got much better with plant identification, and love that every day of class included time outdoors instead of being stuck in a classroom... including but not limited to beaches, forests, farms, fields and orchards.
— Dee, program student
The Fireweed Herbal Apprenticeship Program deepened my connection to community and taught me a new way to communicate with the people and plants around me. Spending time with like-hearted classmates in farmlands, fields and forests was nothing short of magical and deeply healing in it’s own right. Under Jessy’s tutelage we learned to identify, harvest and harness powerful plant medicine to help heal ourselves and our community. Well-paced, accessible and thoughtful, the curriculum was flexible enough to accommodate different skill levels and interests. I am so grateful for my time in this program and look forward to studying with Jessy again in the future.
— Jennifer, program student