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7159 Wallace Drive
Brentwood Bay, BC, V8M 1G9

Welcome to Fireweed Farm & School! We grow rare and hard to find organic medicinal herb plants and seeds, craft high quality herbal products, and provide education on herbal medicine, wildcrafting, herb growing, and nature-based arts. Fireweed is located on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula near Victoria BC on Southern Vancouver Island.

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Chakra Yoga Series

Find a deeper sense of vitality, wellness, and connection through this series of mindful yoga classes focusing on balancing the energy centres of the body. 


with Liz Bueckert
September 25th-November 13th (8 classes)
Classes take place on Tuesdays each week from 7:00pm-8:30pm
Location: Fireweed Farm

*Class size is limited to 8 people*

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Chakra means spinning wheel of energy or energy centre. There are seven of these energy centres located from the base of your spine all the way to the crown of your head and are connected to your physical, mental and emotional body. This series will focus on sequentially opening each chakra through sound, alignment based vinyasa and yin yoga, meditation and breath work.  

Through this series you will bring an awareness to how your chakras open your body up for a whole new level of healing. Have you ever noticed how doing a back bend opens your belly, chest and throat, giving you the urge to let out a big sigh? This is the beginning to opening and clearing your energy centres. When your chakras have been opened and cleared you begin to feel fluid in your physical body, stable in your emotional body and clear in your mind. 

Each chakra is associated with a specific location in your body, a sound, colour, sense, element and various physical asana. We will dive into all of these elements of the chakras with each class and you will learn the tools to unlock stuck or stagnant energy in your body to awaken to an expanded state of consciousness.  

about your instructor

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Liz Bueckert
Movement has always been a big part of Liz's life as the body is such a beautiful and all encompassing way of expressing ones self but it wasn’t until her last year of University that she discovered yoga. She quickly learned it was so much more than just movement. It was a way to heal, open up and be more grounded in herself. After practicing yoga for a few years she decided to take her 200 hour yoga teacher training. She was lucky to have a teacher who taught her the true roots of yoga which allowed her to transform her practice, herself and offer classes that are heartfelt and authentic. She has been teaching private and public classes since 2011.