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7159 Wallace Drive
Brentwood Bay, BC, V8M 1G9

Welcome to Fireweed Farm & School! We grow rare and hard to find organic medicinal herb plants and seeds, craft high quality herbal products, and provide education on herbal medicine, wildcrafting, herb growing, and nature-based arts. Fireweed is located on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula near Victoria BC on Southern Vancouver Island.

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Herbal Fermentation Workshop

Learn the art of fermentation in this fun, hands-on workshop. We will discuss how to make three different ferments: kombucha, sauerkraut, and mead; and explore different ways of incorporating herbs.

Herbal Fermentation

with Jessy Delleman
Would you like to see this workshop offered in our upcoming schedule? Please send us an email and let us know. This workshop is also offered by special request to groups of 5 or more (12 students max).

Join us for this fun and exploratory workshop in the art of DIY fermentation. During this class we will be making three different fermented beverages/foods. We will explore the step by step processes, as well as the health benefits of the different preparationsAt the end of the workshop students will go home with a batch of each of the ferments prepared in class.

We will be preparing:


  • Made with a special symbiosis of bacteria and yeast, Kombucha is a tea-based effervescent probiotic beverage that has been consumed for thousands of years for its health giving properties. 


  • One of the most beneficial foods for restoring healthy gut flora, Sauerkraut is made from lacto-fermentation of raw cabbage and can incorporate other vegetables and herbs.


  • Perhaps the oldest alcoholic fermented beverage known to man, meads are made with honey, water and yeast; and can be made to include a variety of healing herbs.