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7159 Wallace Drive
Brentwood Bay, BC, V8M 1G9

Welcome to Fireweed Farm & School! We grow rare and hard to find organic medicinal herb plants and seeds, craft high quality herbal products, and provide education on herbal medicine, wildcrafting, herb growing, and nature-based arts. Fireweed is located on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula near Victoria BC on Southern Vancouver Island.


Plant Walk | Wild Weedy Medicinals

Join herbalist Jessy Delleman on this plant walk featuring wild medicinal weeds of our farms, fields, ditches, and roadsides. These by-donation plants walks are casual and unstructured and make room for the student to engage in a personal way. At the same time they delve deep and are jammed packed full of useful information and connecting experiences. Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear sturdy footwear. Don't forget to bring a note book and pen as you may wish to take notes! 

Plant Walk | Wild Weedy Medicinals
from 5.00

with Jessy Delleman
Wednesday, May 16th from 6pm-8pm
Location: Fireweed Farm

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Weeds are introduced non-native plants that have naturalized and proliferated in our local gardens, roadsides, disturbed areas, wilds and other natural areas. Often considered a nuisance or detrimental to our ecosystem, we will look at weeds from a different perspective on this walk, honouring them for their great medicinal virtues.

Some of the wild medicinal weeds we may have the pleasure to meet and learn more about include:
Yellow Dock
Pineapple Weed
Wild Carrot
Shepard's Purse
Red Clover
St. John's Wort

wild carrot .jpg