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Welcome to Fireweed Farm & School! We grow rare and hard to find organic medicinal herb plants and seeds, craft high quality herbal products, and provide education on herbal medicine, wildcrafting, herb growing, and nature-based arts. Fireweed is located on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula near Victoria BC on Southern Vancouver Island.

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The Healer & the dreamer | astrology for the new age | Part 1

Join astrologer Martin Comtois for an incredible journey into the cosmos, incorporating elements of dream analysis and Jungian philosophy. A two part workshop series, view Part 2 here. Both weekends can be taken individually or together for a discount (see link at bottom of the page).

The Healer & The Dreamer | Astrology for a New Age | Part 1

with Martin Comtois
Saturday & Sunday, March 24th & 25th from 10am-5pm

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This weekend intensive is designed for those interested in integrating the practice of astrology into their healing and self realization practice. Whatever your creative, healing or spiritual modality is, astrology can become an important tool in your practice as you navigate these complex times. The Healer and The Dreamer is an intimation of the shift in the psychic or archetypal dominants that take place at the birth of any age. This workshop series seeks to prepare the attendants for this important shift in all of us.

On the first day we will take an in depth look at the wisdom of astrology and alchemy from the perspective of the analytical psychology of Carl  Gustav Jung. We will explore the esoteric concepts of the alchemical Hieros Gamos; the sacred marriage of Sol Y Luna. We will also study the Axiom of Maria which inspired much of the concepts that Jung developed in his career and how they relate to astrology. In the afternoon we will study the basics that inform the discipline of astrology; the Zodiac as mandala of the cycles of time and the planetary archetypes and their correspond to in the psyche. This part of the workshop is called Symbols of Transformation and uses mandala drawing as a tool to integrate these concepts.

On the second day you will get to know your chart also through mandala drawing. We will explore the basic techniques of reading the natal chart and explore the inner meaning of the planetary alignments in your chart. The Healer and the Dreamer focuses on two different aspects of astrology: astrology for personal development and astrology of the collective. In the second half of the day we will look at current planetary transits and their history and how we are being affected by them. We will look at the history of these patterns and gain insight into the spirit of the age with a focus on the complex alignments coming in 2020. This will give insight and clarity to the participants as they seek to understand their place in the important shifts going on in the collective. We will also take some time to focus on giving you the tools you need to best take advantage of the opportunities that these powerful times afford.

For this workshop you will need a journal, some art supplies and also a dream journal.

Understand that thou art a second little world and that the Sun and the Moon are within thee, and also the stars.
— Origen

About your instructor


Martin Comtois studies in astrology began 30 years ago led by a need to understand the intricacies of human fate. Living in an Ashram for ten years had him already familiar with the wisdom of the East and its commitments to self realization. Stepping into an astrological practice 8 years ago made a necessity out of the passion he has developed for the work of Carl G. Jung, the eminent doctor and proponent of analytical psychology. He now combines astrology, dream analysis and psychology in his readings and workshops. Martin has an innate ability, using stories and myths, of making complex concepts easy to understand.