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Welcome to Fireweed Farm & School! We grow rare and hard to find organic medicinal herb plants and seeds, craft high quality herbal products, and provide education on herbal medicine, wildcrafting, herb growing, and nature-based arts. Fireweed is located on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula near Victoria BC on Southern Vancouver Island.

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The Healer & the dreamer | astrology for the new age | Part 2

Join astrologer Martin Comtois for an incredible journey into the cosmos, incorporating elements of dream analysis and Jungian philosophy. A two part workshop series, view Part 1 here. Workshops can be taken individually or together for a discount (see link at bottom of the page).

class description


During the second weekend in our two part workshop series the Healer & the Dreamer, we will focus on techniques of chart interpretation and Synastry: the astrology of relationship. Participants will benefit from having a previous foundational knowledge of the basic principles of the astrological discipline ~ such as general understanding of the elements, modes, signs, and planets ~ to get the most of this intensive weekend.

We will begin by briefly reviewing the basic concepts dealt with in the first weekend of the Healer & the Dreamer before engaging with the ground work of chart interpretation. Planetary rulership, dispositors, aspects and transits will be explained and the we will test this new material by interpreting charts for various well known personalities. We will also discuss the Jungian and alchemical perspective in chart analysis and how a psychological approach can guide the art of astrology.

In the second day we will look at synastry chart interpretations. We will begin with the analysis of relationship in the from the perspective of the analytical psychology of Carl Jung. This first half will shed light on common problems experienced in relationships and how they can be resolved. The we will look at various relationship charts to gain an understanding of how these problems can be perceived through the lens of astrology. The participants will be left with a better understanding of relationship and how to assess issues exposed by the Synastry chart. 

about your instructor


Martin Comtois studies in astrology began 30 years ago led by a need to understand the intricacies of human fate. Living in an Ashram for ten years had him already familiar with the wisdom of the East and its commitments to self realization. Stepping into an astrological practice 8 years ago made a necessity out of the passion he has developed for the work of Carl G. Jung, the eminent doctor and proponent of analytical psychology. He now combines astrology, dream analysis and psychology in his readings and workshops. Martin has an innate ability, using stories and myths, of making complex concepts easy to understand.